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Thanks to its high concentration of vitamins A and E this Peridot Shea Lip Balm moisturizes, nourishes and prevents from skin aging while preserving smooth and luscious lips. Results: The lips are hydrated and smoothed. Ideal for: dry and dehydrated lips. Directions for use: Apply on the lips morning and / or evening Texture : Balm 15 ml

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This lotion is a real care product. Enriched with Silicon of Pink Quartz and Amethyst, it purifies and softens the skin. Complemented by hyaluronic acid and essential oil of rose, it brings you a unique sensation of freshness. Results: the skin is perfectly hydrated, softened and toned. The complexion is more fresh and bright. Ideal for : skins lacking...

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This foaming water cleans and removes the skin impurities thoroughly. Also very effective for regulating sebaceous secretion and tightening pores. It's a real cloud of refreshing foam. Results: The skin is fresh, purified and luminous. Ideal for : All skin types Directions for use: Apply a small amount of foam to the face and neck. Massage with wet...

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The Eye Contour blurs dark circles and thanks to the decongestant effect of the tetrapeptide, it reduces the bags under the eyes. The eye contour is toned and regains its elasticity and softness. Results: The pockets are reduced. Fine lines and dark circles faded. Ideal for: All skin types. Directions for use: Apply a small amount morning and...

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Opal, rich in silicon will act naturally on hyaluronic acid  synthesis and prevent from its degradation. Also concentrated in hyaluronic acid, a powerful natural moisturizer, this cream provides with an  optimal comfort. The skin regains suppleness, softness and tone. Results: The skin is soft, comfortable and hydrated for a long time. Ideal for: Dry...

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