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A cream mask, ideal to revive the clarity of the complexion, enriched with White Pearl and stabilized  Vitamin C to beautify the skin while sleeping, to make it brighter and more comfortable in the morning. Results: From the first application, the skin is hydrated, more luminous and smoother, the pigment spots are reduced. Ideal for: All skin types...

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A liquid hand soap that keeps the skin moisturized. A generous foam for a perfect cleansing. It leaves your hands clean and soft. Ideal for: All skin types. Directions for use: Apply on wet hands and rinse off. Texture: Melting gel 300ml Pump bottle  

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A Sapphire and Diamond body lotion with a feeling of freshness, a rapid absorption through the skin that will bring you a feeling of comfort throughout the day Results : The skin is moisturized, soft and strengthened Ideal for: All skin types Directions for use: Apply on the body morning and / or evening on clean and dry skin. Texture : Emulsion...

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