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Des soins adaptés à votre peau 

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This lotion is a real care product. Enriched with Silicon of Pink Quartz and Amethyst, it purifies and softens the skin. Complemented by hyaluronic acid and essential oil of rose, it brings you a unique sensation of freshness.Results: the skin is perfectly hydrated, softened and toned. The complexion is more fresh and bright.Ideal for : skins lacking...

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This foaming water cleans and removes the skin impurities thoroughly. Also very effective for regulating sebaceous secretion and tightening pores. It's a real cloud of refreshing foam.Results: The skin is fresh, purified and luminous.Ideal for : All skin typesDirections for use: Apply a small amount of foam to the face and neck. Massage with wet...

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This fresh cream soothes the sensitive skin and protects it from itching and redness. Rich in iron, Sapphire reinforces the skin for a better skin tone.Results: The skin is soothed,hydrated and fortifiedIdeal for: Thin, sensitive and fragile skin.Directions for use: Apply the cream morning and / or evening.Texture: supple cream.50 ml jar

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This gel cream stimulates the fundamental functions of the skin, hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration.Results: The skin is comfortable, firm and luminous.Ideal for: All skin types.Directions for use: Apply morning and / or evening.Texture: gel cream40 ml tube with flip top cap

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