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White Tea & Fig Scented CandleA high end candle for a moment of relaxation. Perfume your interior with a veil of white flowers and figs, fresh and sweet notes while delicacy.185g - 40 hours of burning  

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A cream mask, ideal to revive the clarity of the complexion, enriched with White Pearl and stabilized  Vitamin C to beautify the skin while sleeping, to make it brighter and more comfortable in the morning.Results: From the first application, the skin is hydrated, more luminous and smoother, the pigment spots are reduced.Ideal for: All skin types...

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Find a radiant skin thanks to the smoothing and lightening active ingredients of this cream: White Pearl, Silicon and Stabilized Vitamin C. Get immediate comfort in terms of hydration thanks to its creamy texture. Results: The skin is hydrated, more luminous and smoothed, the pigment spots are reduced. Ideal for: AIl skin types with hyperpigmentation and...

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This conditioner will strengthen the effects of the shampoo” Douceur Minérale” to sublimate your hair. They will be stronger, sweeter and brighter than ever.   Ideal for: All skin types Directions for use: Apply on washed hair and wrung out. Massage through the entire length of hair, leave on for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water....

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A treatment dedicated to sensitive and frail skin. The combination of Sapphire and Smithsonite extracts, respectively riched in Iron and Zinc, ensures complete protection of the skin and strengthens it. For a real feeling of comfort.Results: The skin is soothed, reinforced and comfortable. The redness disappears. Ideal for: Sensitive and weakened...

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Un savon naturel à base d’huile d’olive, aux notes florales et musquées, pour nettoyer et adoucir la peau. Éviter tout contact avec les yeux. Contenance : 125g

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